Modern Sales Training

Are you falling behind the competition? If your team isn’t trained to use the latest sales automation software to help them close deals, you might be.

FREE Marketing and Sales Plan

Get started with our free custom marketing and sales plan. See if we’re a fit.

Business Strategy

Our business strategy focuses on modern automated marketing and sales technology that is transforming how people buy. Sales teams must transform to meet buyers where they are.


HubSpot Methodology

We’re certified in HubSpot’s sales software and inbound sales process. Update your sales team to get maximum value from HubSpot’s marketing and sales software.

Close More Sales

Our Street Smart Inbound Selling Manual walks you through a proven process – use your team’s selling instincts and align it with modern marketing automation platforms.

Information Tech

Leverage the vast amount of data available today and transform your selling process with it.

Keynote Concerts

Public speaking with a musical twist. Business presentations set to music to reinforce training messages. The advantage of having a trainer who is also a professional musician.

Sales Training Support

Perhaps the only one of its kind. We offer sales training support AFTER the training sessions have ended for specific real life sales situations.

Street Smart Inbound Selling

Execution & Analysis

Selling is as much an art as it is a trained skill. We offer analysis of your sales team’s real life sales situations to provide support after the training classes have ended.

Inbound Strategy

Leaving behind the old tactics of legacy selling, we bring inbound strategy to the sales process.

Market Research

Understanding who you’re selling to can impact how prepared your sales team is to ask the right questions. We’ll help them with some hands-on research.

Unified Marketing and Sales

Sales and marketing teams must work well together. Our training unites with goals and defined expectations backed by data.

THANK YOU Desi! As a business owner, I welcome all indicators of growth, but when I’m looking at numbers like a 57% increase in revenue, I must take notice. It’s not that we worked any harder, but through the practices of your Street Smart Sales Training “getting to the yes” has become comfortably effective!

Drew Thompson

Owner, New Media

Desi Desiderio

Desi is a dynamic business developer with outstanding success in developing sales teams and revenue generation. A skill set in managing, sales, administering marketing campaigns, opportunity identification, launching new products and the co-author of Street Smart Inbound Selling, Inbound Marketing Shop’s Sales Training Program. He is certified in HubSpot Inbound Sales and HubSpot Sales Software. Some of his business prowess includes strong entrepreneurial leadership, creativity, and an ability to motivate others.

He has worked in Sales and Training in the media industry with companies like Cox, Landmark, Newhouse, Business Journal as well as Business and Technology magazines. He also worked in the Fin Tech field as Sales Supervisor for DeepTarget, a digital marketing software solution and now with Best Innovation Group. Desi has created sales training manuals and classes for many of these companies and their sales teams.

Desi has also been a guest speaker or presenter at many diverse conferences nationwide. This includes appearances for Media Associations, many Tech and FinTech companies, Leadership Groups, Chambers of Commerce and other events. And another talent he has that might show up at an event…..he plays a mean piano!