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Our keynote concerts make conferences, business events and training fun and memorable ways to learn how to use inbound marketing and the inbound sales approach.


Live and recorded, interactive, examples of inbound marketing and sales scenarios are available for our Facebook and LinkedIn group members and by following along on Twitter: #WhatWouldClydeDo

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Can You Relate?

In a continuously running series of blog posts, Facebook Live sessions and webinars WE TEACH modern marketing and sales techniques BY EXAMPLE. Common marketing and sales scenarios we’ve encountered in real life settings over the years come to life in Clyde. He represents what an average, everyday, business owner might do who isn’t yet familiar with inbound marketing. We discuss why his choice is right or wrong, and how he might be more effective in meeting his objectives.  In every session, the floor opens for questions and we provide avenues to explore each situation more deeply with free online resources.


Continuous Learning

When we’re not live, Clyde’s dilemmas are still at work teaching inbound marketing and sales strategy and tactics. We welcome group members to chat amongst themselves and continue to post questions for us. You can even influence what happens next for Clyde, giving us your ideas for situations you’d like to see him explore with us for his business.

LIVE sessions will be scheduled for Facebook and we’ll offer scheduled webinars.

How to Learn with Clyde

Clyde’s everyday marketing and sales problems unfold as stories running on our blog.  We use Clyde, focus on common areas of marketing and sales, then provide a real life situational example. Each blog post ends with a survey – choose what you think Clyde would do next.  Once you take the survey, you’ll be presented with BOTH outcomes.  Real life situations rarely seem to fit the nice, neat examples we find in training materials. Clyde is designed to puzzle through these real-life situations since he’s our vehicle for sharing real situations we’ve encountered working with real businesses.  Learn how to actually solve your sales and marketing problems alongside Clyde!

Clyde’s stories are organized in their own category: What Would Clyde Do