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Passion from experience

Bridging gaps between marketing and sales, traditional methods and new, we leverage what you already do well.

Modern marketing and sales technology serving your business instead of the other way around.

Lisa Isbell

Founder of Inbound Marketing Shop. Inbound Marketing Strategist.

Unique skill set

Before moving over into the digital marketing arena, Lisa was an outside sales account executive.  Her professional career began in the healthcare industry which landed her a position as a pharmaceutical sales representative.  To reduce travel she moved into print media advertising sales.

As the Internet grew into mainstream use, the newspapers and other print publications began adding online options to their marketing packages. Lisa was there for that too.  An internal view of the shift from offline marketing to online marketing.

The combination of the hands-on work of sales with the direct knowledge of the advertising universe has positioned her with a unique perspective for building complete marketing, sales and customer service ecosystems for small to medium sized businesses.

eCommerce Experience

When eBay came on the scene in the 1990’s Lisa began dabbling with it for personal use. Using it to buy and sell gently used ice hockey gear for her son. 

As time went on, she started looking for things she could re-sell from local garage and estate sales.  All the while continuing with her work in outside sales.

As she began to see more and more of her clients’ advertising revenue moving to online marketing channels, she decided it was time to get the perspective of a business owner in the use of these new marketing options.

She went from selling a few items on eBay to opening an online store in 2007, an actual ecommerce business.  Mostly it was in the “hobby” column since its real function was as training ground for a wide variety of experimentation with emerging technology.

Inbound Marketing, HubSpot and WordPress

Through the experience she was gaining with the ecommerce store, Lisa was introduced to WordPress (and social media). She started speaking at WordCamp’s and fully embracing this new world of digital marketing.

HubSpot and Inbound Marketing enter the picture as she was learning more and more about how to build traffic to a website. In 2010, she was among the first wave of marketers to become a certified Inbound Marketing Professional from HubSpot’s Inbound University (known today as HubSpot Academy).  

In 2013, she left her sales career to become a full time, inbound marketing strategy director for a HubSpot partner agency. Her area of specialty was search engine optimization within the broad envelop of inbound marketing.  She took and passed HubSpot’s agency certification exam and further developed her inbound marketing skill set. 

In 2017, she founded Inbound Marketing Shop as a HubSpot Agency Partner.

In 2019 Lisa was selected to start and run the HubSpot User Group in Huntsville, Alabama.  

Desi Desiderio

Sales Trainer and Business Development Specialist. Professional Musician.

Sales Training Expertise

Desi has an extensive background teaching solutions-based selling techniques.  Like Lisa, he developed these skills within the career of print-media sales with the parallel experience of seeing the shift of marketing budgets from offline to digital channels.  

Desi was the Sales Trainer for The Huntsville Times and has a published training manual that was used by the newspaper.  He has provided this same, formal, solutions-based selling training program to a large number of other businesses over the years.  Today it has evolved into the “Street Smart Inbound Marketing Sales Program”.  Just like sales, media options and overall methods are changing, so has his instructional talents. These days, sales training includes a deep dive into sales CRMs and all that marketing automation can offer from the digital marketing universe.   

Keynote Concerts

Desi’s real passion is for music. He is a professional musician above all else and found a great way to mix it with his business development and sales training skills. 

Keynote Concerts are his specialty! A mix between business presentation, business training and conference entertainment he uses music and his ability to play the piano to illustrate business concepts.  Click here to see a video demonstration of the keynote concert concept, using DISC personality profiling as an example.  


Desi spent over 7 years as the Vice President of Sales for Deep Target.  He built their channel partner program from the ground up and traveled the country meeting with banks and credit unions offering specialized online banking software.

As the Director of Sales for Best Innovation Group, he deepened his relationships with leading FinTech companies.  

Inbound Marketing Shop is a HubSpot certified partner, digital marketing agency. Online lead generation strategy is our specialty.


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