10 ways businesses destroy their sales lead generation efforts

and how to stop doing it!

sales lead

Blog Posts don't deliver

Publishing good, informative blog posts with no call to action to allow the sales team an avenue to engage with people reading them.    

wrong seats

Allowing people within the organization who are not trained in marketing and sales to direct marketing and sales activities.


sacred cows

Remaining committed to outdated, ineffective marketing habits (this is how we’ve always done it) instead of investing in an up-to-date marketing and sales process based on documented best practices.


no training

Neglecting to provide ongoing formal training opportunities for their sales team.


No Social Sharing

Avoiding the most basic efforts to share marketing content on social media to help drive leads to their sales team.

Email Marketing foibles

Skipping modern, fundamental best practices of email marketing that is necessary to effectively generate sales leads.


dividing marketing from sales

Failing to include the sales team – even if it’s just one person – in the marketing planning sessions.


no benchmarking

Failing to measure engagement with their website content to make sure it’s useful to prospective clients AND their sales team.  

Marketing & sales gap

Ignoring the gap between marketing and sales that leaves both sides unable to do their best work.


weak strategy

Failing to create a comprehensive baseline strategy for marketing and sales that enables everyone to hit company goals.

STOP hurting your own lead generation efforts

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